What Investors & Investor Networks Say About InfluenceMap

CA100+ and Investor Engagement

InfluenceMap maintains the world’s leading database assessing corporate climate policy engagement (LobbyMap), covering over 400 companies and 200 industry associations globally.

InfluenceMap feeds data and analysis to the Climate Action 100+ (CA100+) initiative. CA100+ is a voluntary investor initiative to ensure the world's largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters take necessary action on climate change, made up of 700 investors responsible for over $68 trillion in assets under management. From 2022, InfluenceMap's assessments on climate policy engagement also feed directly into the CA100+ Net Zero Company Benchmark.

InfluenceMap works closely with investor networks globally, providing data, briefings and additional resources to help their members integrate corporate climate lobbying into their engagement processes with companies. This includes the five regional investor networks under the CA100+ initiative, as well as other investor networks such as the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility and Climate Engagement Canada.

InfluenceMap also engages extensively with investors directly on the topic of climate policy engagement. In total in 2022, InfluenceMap had over 500 meetings and other notable interactions with over 150 different financial groups.

If you have any questions, or would like to set up a call to discuss our analysis in more detail, please contact joe.brooks@influencemap.org.

InfluenceMap's CA100+ Investor Hub contains LobbyMap’s analysis of the CA100+ target companies and their industry associations. InfluenceMap provides additional support to investors, including:

  1. Data and metrics on corporate climate policy engagement, including weekly updates and alerts;
  2. Assessments of company climate lobbying disclosures and reviews;
  3. Resources and briefings for shareholder resolutions;
  4. 1-2-1 briefing calls and detailed investor notes on specific sectors/companies.

A complete summary of InfluenceMap's investor resources can be found here.


Investor Networks

Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

"Responsible corporate policy engagement on climate change is vital for ensuring a global transition to net zero in accordance with the goals of the Paris Agreement. InfluenceMap’s assessments, which form part of the Climate Action 100+ Net Zero Company Benchmark, have been key in supporting investors to better understand the real-world climate policy engagement activities of companies and engage them more effectively on this critical issue." - Ben Pincombe, Head of Stewardship (Climate Change), Principles for Responsible Investment

Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC)

"Corporate climate policy engagement is a key priority on the investor agenda in Europe. InfluenceMap supports investors by providing detailed and timely data to show whether companies’ real-world lobbying activities (and those of their industry associations) support or undermine the goals of the Paris Agreement, as well as their own net-zero commitments and transition plans. InfluenceMap’s company- and sector-level briefings in Europe can identify leaders and laggards, inform priorities for investor engagements with companies, and offer investors robust data to hold companies accountable for their climate policy engagement activities." - Sophie Barnes, Senior Manager, Climate Action 100+

Asia Investor Group on Climate Change (AIGCC)

"InfluenceMap’s research have offered unparalleled insight on corporate lobbying and have enabled better understanding of the power and influence that companies have on influencing climate policies. They have produced increasingly nuanced research and most notably have started launching country platforms which are incredibly useful for engaging on the topic in Asia where the role of corporate lobbying, both directly and indirectly through industry associations, tend to be less well understood but nonetheless could have far-reaching implications on climate policies for the region. I look forward to using more of InfluenceMap’s research to support the analysis of influential corporate actors in the Climate Action 100+ list." - Valerie Kwan, Director of Engagements


"Influence Map is the most comprehensive source of information for investors on corporate climate lobbying. 75% of Climate Action 100+ focus companies have set a Net Zero by 2050 emissions goal and if they are going to achieve this - it will be critical that they use their influence with policy makers to align climate regulation with the Paris Agreement as investors have been calling for." - Morgan LaManna, Director of Investor Engagements

Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC)

"Investors increasingly scrutinise corporate lobbying practices and assess whether their portfolio companies and industry associations are supporting or attempting to weaken climate policies. Companies that have net zero commitments must also proactively ensure their industry associations are aligned with their own climate policies and net zero goals. InfluenceMap data has been a powerful corporate engagement tool that helps provide transparency over climate lobbying activities. We must see companies take appropriate action to address their industry association's misalignment on climate." - Dani Siew, Manager of Corporate Engagement

Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR)

“Increasingly ICCR members are focusing on the role played by companies in forestalling or achieving policies needed for a less-disruptive clean energy transition. That focus is across industries and geographies, and we welcome the additional data and the various platforms InfluenceMap has created to assist investors in understanding the role that both companies and industry trade groups play in the transition. Very few entities are providing the granular analysis of what companies and trade associations are doing on specific climate-related bills, or the transparency on company stances on such bills. InfluenceMap has stepped in to fill this much-needed gap.” - Tracey Rembert, Associate Director, Climate and Environmental Justice, ICCR


BNP Paribas

"InfluenceMap provides us with invaluable and unique analysis on how the companies we invest in, and the organisations they belong to, lobby and otherwise try to influence policymakers on the climate agenda. As a major global institutional investor with a keen focus on corporate climate lobbying, the growing coverage and output of InfluenceMap is essential to us. It supports our engagement with companies via the CA100+ initiative, which uses InfluenceMap analysis to assess companies’ performance on Indicator 7 of the Net Zero Company Benchmark, as well as our own engagement to advance adoption of the Global Standard on Responsible Corporate Climate Lobbying." - Rachel Crossley, Head of Stewardship (Europe)


"The independent research from InfluenceMap has helped us assess whether and to what extent corporates' political engagement activities are aligned with the Paris Agreement. As active owners, we are committed to engaging with companies to improve their climate lobbying accountability and performance, and to escalate this stewardship when required. Beyond engagement, corporate lobbying is also taken into account when we consider divestment. As part of our climate policy, we have made a firm commitment that we will not invest in companies that deliberately and systematically work against the goals and targets enshrined in the Paris Agreement." - Emine Isciel, Head of Climate and Environment

Ethos Foundation

“Responsible and Paris-aligned advocacy is an important objective of credible investor stewardship on climate. InfluenceMap makes good and not so good lobbying practices on climate policy tangible. This tangibility enables Ethos to build strong cases for change when dialoging with companies on behalf of the members of the Ethos Engagement Pool International. Thus, Ethos greatly appreciates InfluenceMap’s research.” - Matthias Narr, Head Engagement International

Fulcrum Asset Management

“Climate alignment is not just about the slopes of emissions pathways – it is also, crucially, about the alignment between corporate statements and actions. InfluenceMap’s leading data supports our climate engagements, by allowing us to better understand which companies are truly leaning into the low-carbon transition, and which are only paying lip service." - Iancu Daramus, Responsible Investment Associate


"As we seek to engage for change we rely on trusted sources to help inform our approach. InfluenceMap’s research has been pivotal in informing key conversations related to climate and corporate lobbying, as we use company rankings and insights to shape meaningful engagements and ascertain whether company messaging aligns with lobbying action. More recently, we fed into InfluenceMap’s upcoming biodiversity report, and we look forward to being able to also incorporate this into our engagements for the coming year. Beyond engagement, corporate behaviour in key areas such as lobbying is also taken into account when we consider voting at AGMs." - Clinton Adas, Global Stewardship Lead for Biodiversity

Boston Trust Walden

“Corporate action and effective public policymaking are key to addressing the dynamic challenges of climate change. We and other investors expect companies to demonstrate how they’re connecting the two, by reducing GHG emissions in line with climate science and advocating for policies that help accelerate emissions reductions at enterprise, industry, and systems levels. InfluenceMap understands how essential corporate transparency and accountability are to addressing climate risk – and we highly value the data and analysis they provide.” – Laura Devenney, Senior ESG Analyst, Boston Trust Walden

National Trust

"A Paris-aligned climate lobbying policy and practices are essential to a sound corporate transition plan. InfluenceMap is a fantastic resource to quickly and objectively assess and compare corporate climate lobbying activities, and inform company engagements on direct and indirect lobbying. Their coverage of industry associations is also an extremely useful service. InfluenceMap is a key data and information provider on an opaque aspect of corporate influence and I am thankful for all the great work the InfluenceMap team does!" - Alice Bordini Staden, Investment Committee Member, Stewardship Lead

Illinois State Treasurer

“InfluenceMap provides investors with exceptional reports and company analyses that help us do our jobs better. We recognize that government policy is a critical way to address the climate crisis, provide stability to financial markets, and protect investors from greater financial risks and uncertainty. That’s why we need organizations like InfluenceMap that help investors and other stakeholders provide added transparency on the lobbying activities of corporations, trade associations, and other influential groups. This helps us identify which companies and groups are working toward solutions that will protect long-term investors, as well as those that are having a negative influence on constructive policy development.” - Michael W. Frerichs, Illinois State Treasurer


"We appreciate InfluenceMap’s work as a trusted knowledge partner, providing objective and independent research on a complex issue. InfluenceMap’s real-time, publicly available benchmarking of corporate climate lobbying is crucial to supporting our engagements with companies. This data provides a useful measure of company progress against strengthened investor expectations such as the Global Standard on Responsible Climate Lobbying." - Charlotta Dawidowski Sydstrand, Head of ESG

Seventh Generation Interfaith Coalition for Responsible Investment

"Our members are faith-based asset owners who care deeply about the impact their portfolio companies' operations and products have on people and the planet....'the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor'. We recognize that company voluntary actions are not enough without a robust policy and regulatory framework. Influence Map's reports and company briefs provide the research and source data that enable our members to challenge companies when their lofty statements and ambitions don't match their practices. Their benchmarking and peer analysis is extremely useful in allowing us to cut through the anecdotal evidence that companies typically present." - Christopher Cox, Executive Director