Corporate Lobbying Reviews

Analysis of Corporate Reviews on Climate Policy Engagement

The Global Standard on Responsible Climate Lobbying - instigated by investors and launched in March 2022 - highlights the need for companies to publish a detailed annual review to ensure that its climate policy engagement (direct & indirect via industry associations) is consistent with the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement.

In response to such investor requests, over 60 CA100+ companies have published a review of their industry associations' alignment on climate policy engagement. InfluenceMap has developed a methodology to assess the quality of these disclosures, benchmarked against the Global Standard on Responsible Climate Lobbying and investor statements outlined by the PRI, IIGCC and Ceres. This assessment covers:

  • Disclosure & Transparency: Full transparency of the climate policy positions and engagement activities of the company and its industry associations, and clear explanations of the governance processes in place to ensure alignment on climate policy engagement;

  • Policy Alignment Process: Robust processes to identify and report on specific cases of misalignment between climate policy engagement and the Paris Agreement, including steps taken to address such misalignments.

InfluenceMap assesses CA100+ company reviews as part of an ongoing process to feed into active investor engagements. Up-to-date rankings and company scorecards can be found in the table below. Use the buttons below to access InfluenceMap's full methodology to assess industry association disclosures and guidance on better practice by companies to date.

Ranking of Industry Association Reviews

The table below shows a ranking of CA100+ companies by the quality of their industry association review processes, expressed as a percentage score from 0 to 100, where 100 would indicate that a company has met all of the assessment criteria related to the review process.

InfluenceMap assesses corporate performance against seven assessment criteria, using a traffic-light framework. A ‘Green’ scores 2 points, a ‘Yellow’ scores 1 point, and a ‘Red’ scores 0 points. This total is converted into a percentage from 0 to 100, calculated using the total number of points available (14). As such, only certain scores within the 0 to 100 range are possible under this methodology.

Click on the Company Scorecard links to access the latest individual company assessments, broken down according to the seven assessment criteria. In these scorecards, reference to "investor expectations" means the criteria drawn from the Global Standard on Responsible Climate Lobbying and investor statements by PRI, IIGCC and Ceres. These scorecards will be updated on a rolling basis as new reviews are made available.

Companies with an asterix are not part of the CA100+ target list, but are included in the ranking table below as a point of comparison between companies in similar sectors and/or regions.

CompanyReview Score (0-100)Company Scorecard
ArcelorMittal57Metals & MiningEuropeDownload
Rio Tinto Group57Metals & MiningEuropeDownload
Holcim57Construction MaterialsEuropeDownload
HeidelbergCement50Construction MaterialsEuropeDownload
Origin Energy50EnergyOceaniaDownload
Enbridge50EnergyNorth AmericaDownload
American Electric Power50UtilitiesNorth AmericaDownload
General Motors50AutomobilesNorth AmericaDownload
Moller Maersk (Maersk)43TransportationEuropeDownload
Equinor (formerly Statoil)43EnergyEuropeDownload
NRG Energy43UtilitiesNorth AmericaDownload
Mercedes-Benz Group43AutomobilesEuropeDownload
Dominion Energy43UtilitiesNorth AmericaDownload
Caterpillar43IndustrialsNorth AmericaDownload
Air Liquide43ChemicalsEuropeDownload
BHP43Metals & MiningOceaniaDownload
Anglo American43Metals & MiningEuropeDownload
CRH36Construction MaterialsEuropeDownload
Delta Air Lines36TransportationNorth AmericaDownload
Toyota Motor36AutomobilesAsiaDownload
ExxonMobil36EnergyNorth AmericaDownload
Glencore International36Metals & MiningEuropeDownload
United Airlines29TransportationNorth AmericaDownload
Southern Company29UtilitiesNorth AmericaDownload
Union Pacific*29TransportationNorth AmericaDownload
Duke Energy29UtilitiesNorth AmericaDownload
FirstEnergy Corp29UtilitiesNorth AmericaDownload
South3221Metals & MiningOceaniaDownload
General Electric21IndustrialsNorth AmericaDownload
ConocoPhillips21EnergyNorth AmericaDownload
Marathon Petroleum21EnergyNorth AmericaDownload
Honeywell International*21IndustrialsNorth AmericaDownload
Teck Resources Limited21Metals & MiningNorth AmericaDownload
Ford Motor21AutomobilesNorth AmericaDownload
BMW Group21AutomobilesEuropeDownload
Occidental Petroleum21EnergyNorth AmericaDownload
AGL Australia21UtilitiesOceaniaDownload
Chevron14EnergyNorth AmericaDownload
Nestlé14Consumer StaplesEuropeDownload
PPL Corporation14UtilitiesNorth AmericaDownload
Sempra Energy*7UtilitiesNorth AmericaDownload
AES Corporation7UtilitiesNorth AmericaDownload
Volvo Group7AutomobilesEuropeDownload
Valero Energy7EnergyNorth AmericaDownload
NextEra Energy0UtilitiesNorth AmericaDownload
Phillips 660EnergyNorth AmericaDownload
107 of 165 CA100+ companies (65%) have not published an industry association review to date. A full list of these companies is available in the 'Download' link.Download