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Investor Resources on Corporate Climate Policy Engagement

CA100+ Target Companies and Climate Policy Engagement

InfluenceMap maintains the world’s leading database assessing corporate climate policy engagement (LobbyMap), covering over 400 companies and 200 industry associations globally. This database feeds data and analysis to the Climate Action 100+ (CA100+) initiative.

CA100+ is a voluntary investor initiative to ensure the world's largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters take necessary action on climate change, made up of 700 investors responsible for over $68 trillion in assets under management. CA100+ engagement focuses on 166 target companies that are critical to the net-zero emissions transition.

The CA100+ Investor Hub contains LobbyMap’s analysis of the CA100+ target companies and their industry associations, as well as additional resources on corporate lobbying disclosures and shareholder resolutions. From 2022, InfluenceMap's assessments on climate policy engagement will also feed directly into the CA100+ Net Zero Company Benchmark.

An overview of the LobbyMap scoring system can be found here, with the full methodology here.

InfluenceMap welcomes engagement with CA100+ investors, companies, and industry associations on the issue of climate policy engagement.

If you have any questions, or would like to set up a call to discuss our analysis in more detail, please contact

CA100+ Company Rankings

The table below contains a ranking of all 166 CA100+ target companies. The companies are ranked according to their InfluenceMap grade, with those at the top having the highest grades (signifying support for Paris-aligned climate policy), and those toward the bottom having the lowest grades (signifying opposition to Paris-aligned climate policy). Companies labelled 'n/a' are not given a grade because they have low-level engagement with climate policy and/or no strong links to industry associations currently covered by InfluenceMap's database.

Use the drop-down buttons to filter companies by sector or region, or search by name below. A summary profile and full access to the data underlying the assessments can be accessed via the links in the table.

This symbol indicates a company has published a review of their industry associations' alignment on climate policy engagement. InfluenceMap's assessment of this review can be downloaded by clicking on the icon. More information can be found on the Corporate Lobbying Review page.

Influencemap Performance BandOrganizationEngagement IntensityLobbying Review?
C-Adbri (Adelaide Brighton)15Construction MaterialsOceaniaNo Review
C+AGL Australia39UtilitiesOceania
C-Air Liquide36ChemicalsEurope
DAmerican Electric Power46UtilitiesNorth America
D+Anglo American24Metals & MiningEurope
D+ArcelorMittal47Metals & MiningEurope
D+BHP42Metals & MiningOceania
C-Bluescope Steel38Metals & MiningOceaniaNo Review
D+BMW Group42AutomobilesEurope
D+Boral Limited9CementOceaniaNo Review
D-Canadian Natural Resources Ltd (CNRL)24EnergyNorth AmericaNo Review
D-Caterpillar3IndustrialsNorth America
C-CEZ33UtilitiesEuropeNo Review
D-Chevron50EnergyNorth America
C+Coca-Cola28Consumer StaplesNorth AmericaNo Review
C+Colgate-Palmolive6Consumer StaplesNorth AmericaNo Review
D-ConocoPhillips38EnergyNorth America
D+CRH14Construction MaterialsEurope
BDanone45Food ProductsEuropeNo Review
D-Devon Energy19EnergyNorth AmericaNo Review
DDominion Energy50UtilitiesNorth America
DDow Inc39ChemicalsNorth AmericaNo Review
DDuke Energy42UtilitiesNorth America
DEnbridge27EnergyNorth America
CEquinor (formerly Statoil)54EnergyEurope
C+Exelon61UtilitiesNorth AmericaNo Review
DExxonMobil52EnergyNorth America
D-FirstEnergy Corp27UtilitiesNorth America
CFord Motor48AutomobilesNorth America
N/AFoxconn3Information TechnologyAsiaNo Review
E+Gazprom20EnergyEuropeNo Review
C-General Electric36IndustrialsNorth America
CGeneral Motors47AutomobilesNorth America
D-Glencore International32Metals & MiningEurope
C-HeidelbergCement26Construction MaterialsEurope
D+Hitachi14Information TechnologyAsiaNo Review
D+Honda Motor33AutomobilesAsiaNo Review
BIberdrola61UtilitiesEuropeNo Review
D-Imperial Oil Limited24EnergyNorth AmericaNo Review
DInternational Paper Company8Paper & Forest ProductsNorth AmericaNo Review
D-Kinder Morgan19EnergyNorth AmericaNo Review
D+Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)27UtilitiesAsiaNo Review
CHolcim48Construction MaterialsEurope
D-Lukoil13EnergyEuropeNo Review
D+LyondellBasell Industries27ChemicalsEuropeNo Review
E-Marathon Petroleum27EnergyNorth America
C-Naturgy (Gas Natural Fenosa)28UtilitiesEuropeNo Review
BNestlé49Consumer StaplesEurope
C-NextEra Energy34UtilitiesNorth America
C-Nissan34AutomobilesAsiaNo Review
C-NRG Energy39UtilitiesNorth America
D+Occidental Petroleum31EnergyNorth America
C-Origin Energy44EnergyOceania
C+PepsiCo39Consumer StaplesNorth AmericaNo Review
D-PGE (Polska Grupa Energetyczna)37UtilitiesEuropeNo Review
B-Philips30Information TechnologyEuropeNo Review
EPhillips 6623EnergyNorth America
C-Procter & Gamble13Consumer StaplesNorth AmericaNo Review
C-Qantas Airways13TransportationOceaniaNo Review
C-Raytheon Technologies Corporation (formerly United Technologies)10IndustrialsNorth AmericaNo Review
D+Renault30AutomobilesEuropeNo Review
C-Rio Tinto Group37Metals & MiningEurope
C+Saint-Gobain51Construction MaterialsEuropeNo Review
CSSAB52Metals & MiningEuropeNo Review
D+Suncor Energy33EnergyNorth AmericaNo Review
D-TC Energy24EnergyNorth AmericaNo Review
C+AES Corporation38UtilitiesNorth America
D+thyssenkrupp40Metals & MiningEuropeNo Review
DToyota Motor39AutomobilesAsia
BTrane Technologies (formerly Ingersoll-Rand)44IndustrialsNorth AmericaNo Review
BUnilever63Consumer StaplesEuropeNo Review
E-Valero Energy25EnergyNorth America
CVolkswagen Group54AutomobilesEuropeNo Review
CVolvo Group35AutomobilesEurope
B-Walmart Stores22RetailingNorth AmericaNo Review
CWoolworths Ltd10Consumer StaplesOceaniaNo Review
D+South3217Metals & MiningOceania
C-Uniper33EnergyEuropeNo Review
DDelta Air Lines24TransportationNorth America
D+Lockheed Martin6IndustrialsNorth AmericaNo Review
D-Nippon Steel Corporation30Metals & MiningAsiaNo Review
CPanasonic19Information TechnologyAsiaNo Review
DPPL Corporation29UtilitiesNorth America
DSouthern Company40UtilitiesNorth America
DToray Industries Inc.14ChemicalsAsiaNo Review
D+United Airlines31TransportationNorth America
B-Moller Maersk (Maersk)52TransportationEurope
C+Rolls-Royce24IndustrialsEuropeNo Review
C+Daikin Industries30IndustrialsAsiaNo Review
DENEOS Holdings (formerly JX Holdings Inc)29EnergyAsiaNo Review
E+Berkshire Hathaway15IndustrialsNorth AmericaNo Review
C+National Grid42UtilitiesEuropeNo Review
DIncitec Pivot18ChemicalsOceaniaNo Review
CCummins36IndustrialsNorth AmericaNo Review
D-Martin Marietta Materials3Construction MaterialsNorth AmericaNo Review
DBoeing28IndustrialsNorth AmericaNo Review
C-American Airlines Group25TransportationNorth AmericaNo Review
DAir France-KLM44TransportationEuropeNo Review
C-Airbus Group36IndustrialsEuropeNo Review
C-Weyerhaeuser Company4Paper & Forest ProductsNorth AmericaNo Review
C+Vistra Corp31UtilitiesNorth AmericaNo Review
D+POSCO25Metals & MiningAsiaNo Review
C-XCEL Energy41UtilitiesNorth AmericaNo Review
D+Bunge Limited5Consumer StaplesNorth AmericaNo Review
D-WEC Energy Group Inc26UtilitiesNorth AmericaNo Review
CEskom Holdings Soc Limited20UtilitiesAfricaNo Review
C+PTT Global Chemicals11ChemicalsAsiaNo Review
C-Teck Resources Limited20Metals & MiningNorth America
D+Stellantis27AutomobilesEuropeNo Review
DPACCAR13AutomobilesNorth AmericaNo Review
D-Suzuki18AutomobilesAsiaNo Review
DSK Innovation Co11EnergyAsiaNo Review
CSiemens Energy42EnergyEuropeNo Review
D+Antam (Aneka Tambang)5Metals & MiningAsiaNo Review
C-Anhui Conch Cement13Construction MaterialsAsiaNo Review
DBumi Resources6Metals & MiningAsiaNo Review
C+Cemex46Construction MaterialsNorth AmericaNo Review
C-CNOOC19EnergyAsiaNo Review
D+China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec)26EnergyAsiaNo Review
D+China Shenhua Energy13Metals & MiningAsiaNo Review
D+China Steel16Metals & MiningAsiaNo Review
ECoal India9Metals & MiningAsiaNo Review
N/ADangote Cement1Construction MaterialsAfricaNo Review
D+Ecopetrol17EnergySouth AmericaNo Review
N/AFormosa Petrochemical3EnergyAsiaNo Review
C-Grupo Argos16Construction MaterialsSouth AmericaNo Review
C-Grupo México7Metals & MiningNorth AmericaNo Review
D+Nornickel (MMC Norilsk Nickel)6Metals & MiningEuropeNo Review
C-NTPC Ltd6UtilitiesAsiaNo Review
DOil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)8EnergyAsiaNo Review
C-PetroChina Company Limited27EnergyAsiaNo Review
D+Petrobras13EnergySouth AmericaNo Review
E+Pemex (Petróleos Mexicanos)16EnergyNorth AmericaNo Review
N/APower Assets Holdings Limited4UtilitiesAsiaNo Review
CReliance Industries Limited10EnergyAsiaNo Review
FRosneft13EnergyEuropeNo Review
CSaic Motor13AutomobilesAsiaNo Review
D-Saudi Aramco14EnergyAsiaNo Review
D+Severstal8Metals & MiningEuropeNo Review
CSuzano (formerly Fibria Celulose)16Paper & Forest ProductsSouth AmericaNo Review
CUltraTech Cement14Construction MaterialsAsiaNo Review
D+United Tractors7IndustrialsAsiaNo Review
C-Vale20Metals & MiningSouth AmericaNo Review
CVedanta Resources19Metals & MiningEuropeNo Review
C-Mercedes-Benz Group28AutomobilesEurope
B-easyJet40TransportationEuropeNo Review
D-BusinessEurope53All SectorsEuropeNo Review
CEuropean Chemical Industry Council (Cefic)56ChemicalsEuropeNo Review
C-European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA)42AutomobilesEuropeNo Review
DFederation of German Industries (BDI)60All SectorsEuropeNo Review
BEurelectric57UtilitiesEuropeNo Review
B-Confederation of British Industry (CBI)46All SectorsEuropeNo Review
E-US Chamber of Commerce42All SectorsNorth AmericaNo Review
ENational Association of Manufacturers (NAM)38All SectorsNorth AmericaNo Review
FAmerican Petroleum Institute (API)51EnergyNorth AmericaNo Review
D-International Air Transport Association (IATA)50TransportationNorth AmericaNo Review
D+Business Roundtable22All SectorsNorth AmericaNo Review
C-Japan Business Federation (Keidanren)50All SectorsAsiaNo Review
C-Business Council of Australia53All SectorsOceaniaNo Review
DMouvement des Entreprises de France (MEDEF)38All SectorsEuropeNo Review
E+Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA)43EnergyOceaniaNo Review
D-Minerals Council of Australia (MCA)49Metals & MiningOceaniaNo Review
DEurometaux42Metals & MiningEuropeNo Review
D+CEMBUREAU50Construction MaterialsEuropeNo Review
DEuropean Steel Association (Eurofer)53Metals & MiningEuropeNo Review
CAustralian Industry Group (Ai Group)55All SectorsOceaniaNo Review
ENSW Minerals Council31Metals & MiningOceaniaNo Review
C-GasNaturally21EnergyEuropeNo Review
C+European Round Table for Industry (ERT)22All SectorsEuropeNo Review
D-International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP)36EnergyEuropeNo Review
C-Edison Electric Institute47UtilitiesNorth AmericaNo Review
DInternational Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers (IFIEC)34All SectorsEuropeNo Review
D+Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE)32All SectorsEuropeNo Review
DFuelsEurope52EnergyEuropeNo Review
D+Australian Industry Greenhouse Network25EnergyOceaniaNo Review
C-Eurogas44EnergyEuropeNo Review
BCarbon Market Institute46All SectorsOceaniaNo Review
E+Australian Institute of Petroleum10EnergyOceaniaNo Review
A-WindEurope51EnergyEuropeNo Review
DEnergy Users Association of Australia25EnergyOceaniaNo Review
D+Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE)28EnergyEuropeNo Review
D+Australian Pipelines and Gas Association21EnergyOceaniaNo Review
A-Clean Energy Council39EnergyOceaniaNo Review
CWorld Steel Association19Metals & MiningGlobalNo Review
E+World Coal Association (WCA)11Metals & MiningEuropeNo Review
FCalifornia Chamber of Commerce (CalChamber)46All SectorsNorth AmericaNo Review
D-Natural Gas Supply Association (NGSA)33EnergyNorth AmericaNo Review
C-Dutch Employers' Federation (VNO-NCW)28All SectorsEuropeNo Review
C-Minerals Council South Africa27Metals & MiningAfricaNo Review
D+European Community Shipowners' Associations (ECSA)34TransportationEuropeNo Review
B+Energy Efficiency Council34EnergyOceaniaNo Review
C+Business Unity South Africa (BUSA)35All SectorsSouth AfricaNo Review
A-SmartEN40EnergyEuropeNo Review
ACorporate Leaders Group (CLG)53All SectorsEuropeNo Review
DAirlines for America (A4A)34TransportationNorth AmericaNo Review
DAirlines For Europe (A4E)49TransportationEuropeNo Review
CAustralian Energy Council44EnergyOceaniaNo Review
C+Industry Task Team on Climate Change15All SectorsAfricaNo Review
D-Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM)14AutomobilesAsiaNo Review
C-Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT)17AutomobilesEuropeNo Review
B-Australian Hydrogen Council16EnergyOceaniaNo Review
DGerman Chemical Industry Association (VCI)53ChemicalsEuropeNo Review
DSouth Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy20Metals & MiningOceaniaNo Review
D-German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)51AutomobilesEuropeNo Review
E-American Gas Association30EnergyNorth AmericaNo Review
E-Consumer Energy Alliance35EnergyNorth AmericaNo Review
E+Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)43EnergyNorth AmericaNo Review
D+South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA)9EnergyAfricaNo Review
B-International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)19All SectorsEuropeNo Review
C-American Chemistry Council (ACC)32ChemicalsNorth AmericaNo Review
C+Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)23All SectorsAsiaNo Review
E-Federation of Korean Industries (FKI)19All SectorsAsiaNo Review
FAmerica's Power (ACCCE)32EnergyNorth AmericaNo Review
FNational Mining Association (NMA)27Metals & MiningNorth AmericaNo Review
EWestern States Petroleum Association (WSPA)43EnergyNorth AmericaNo Review
E+Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry20All SectorsOceaniaNo Review
D-Manufacturing Australia10All SectorsOceaniaNo Review
D+Mining Association of Canada22Metals & MiningNorth AmericaNo Review
DCanadian Chamber of Commerce28All SectorsNorth AmericaNo Review
DJapan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA)28AutomobilesAsiaNo Review
E+Japan Iron and Steel Federation (JISF)43Metals & MiningAsiaNo Review
DKorea Iron and Steel Association (KOSA)20Metals & MiningAsiaNo Review
C-Offshore Energies UK (OEUK) (Formerly OGUK)23EnergyEuropeNo Review
FAmerican Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM)51EnergyNorth AmericaNo Review
A-SolarPower Europe49EnergyEuropeNo Review
AAdvanced Energy United (AEU)55All SectorsNorth AmericaNo Review
DConfederation of Italian Industry (Confindustria)55All SectorsEuropeNo Review
B-Japan Association of Corporate Executives (Keizai Doyukai)38All SectorsAsiaNo Review
DFederation of Electric Power Companies of Japan (FEPC)36UtilitiesAsiaNo Review
C-International Chamber of Shipping (ICS)50TransportationEuropeNo Review
D+World Shipping Council (WSC)33TransportationNorth AmericaNo Review
D-Queensland Resources Council (QRC)19Metals & MiningOceaniaNo Review
AJapan Climate Leaders Partnership (JCLP)40All SectorsAsiaNo Review
C-Alliance for Automotive Innovation31AutomobilesNorth AmericaNo Review
D-Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia (CME)28Metals & MiningOceaniaNo Review
EEuracoal25Metals & MiningEuropeNo Review
CEnergy Networks Australia18EnergyOceaniaNo Review
D-Association of Mining and Exploration Companies23Metals & MiningOceaniaNo Review
C-Gas Energy Australia18EnergyOceaniaNo Review
D+Canadian Fuels Association19EnergyNorth AmericaNo Review
C-Airports Council International Europe (ACI Europe)27TransportationEUNo Review
D+European Regions Airline Association (ERA)22TransportationEuropeNo Review
AZero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA)29AutomobilesNorth AmericaNo Review
D+European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA)37AutomobilesEuropeNo Review
D+Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI)25All SectorsAsiaNo Review
DJapan Gas Association26EnergyAsiaNo Review
D+Japan Aluminium Association (JAA)11Metals & MiningAsiaNo Review
N/AJapan Apparel-Fashion Industry Council (JAFIC)0Commercial ServicesAsiaNo Review
FCanon Institute of Global Studies20All SectorsAsiaNo Review
N/AKorea Semiconductor Industry Association (KSIA)3Information TechnologyAsiaNo Review
DJapan Mining Industry Association16Metals & MiningAsiaNo Review
CJapan Federation of Construction Contractors (JFCC)7IndustrialsAsiaNo Review
N/AJapan Franchise Association3Business ServicesAsiaNo Review
C-Japan Electronics And Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA)18Information TechnologyAsiaNo Review
N/AJapan Food Industry Association (JFIA)1Consumer StaplesAsiaNo Review
N/AJapan Food Service Association (JF)0Consumer StaplesAsiaNo Review
DPetroleum Association of Japan (PAJ)28EnergyAsiaNo Review
N/AKorea Battery Industry Association (KBIA)1IndustrialsAsiaNo Review
N/AKorea Electronics Association (KEA)1Information TechnologyAsiaNo Review
DJapan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI)26All SectorsAsiaNo Review
N/AKorea Electric Vehicle Industry Association (KEVIA)1AutomobilesAsiaNo Review
C+Real Estate Companies Association of Japan23Construction MaterialsAsiaNo Review
B+Renewable Energy Council (REC)18UtilitiesAsiaNo Review
C+Japan Construction Material and Housing Equipment Industries Federation (J-CHIF)5IndustrialsAsiaNo Review
B+Korea New and Renewable Energy Association (KNREA)11EnergyAsiaNo Review
C-China Iron and Steel Association14Metals & MiningAsiaNo Review
C-China Association of Automobile Manufacturers8AutomobilesAsiaNo Review
D-Korea Petrochemical Industry Association (KPIA)7ChemicalsAsiaNo Review
DJapan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers (JSIM)9IndustrialsAsiaNo Review
C-Japan Association for Logistics and Transport (JALoT)8TransportationAsiaNo Review
E+Korea Independent Power Producers Association (IPPA)8EnergyAsiaNo Review
EKorea Petroleum Association (KPA)9EnergyAsiaNo Review
D+Korea Business Council for Sustainable Development (KBCSD)8All SectorsAsiaNo Review
DKorea International Trade Association (KITA)12All SectorsAsiaNo Review
D-Korea Enterprises Federation (KEF)15All SectorsAsiaNo Review
E+Asia Natural Gas and Energy Association (ANGEA)6EnergyAsiaNo Review
N/AKorea Chamber of Business in Vietnam1All SectorsAsiaNo Review
N/AKazEnergy3EnergyAsiaNo Review
DKansai Economic Federation12All SectorsAsiaNo Review
EKorea Automobile & Mobility Association (KAMA) (formerly Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association)21AutomobilesAsiaNo Review
C-Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry (FIPI)8EnergyAsiaNo Review
N/AEnergy and Mineral Resources Development Association of Korea (EMRD)0EnergyAsiaNo Review
CJapan Atomic Industrial Forum (JAIF)11EnergyAsiaNo Review
C-Japanese Bankers Association (JBA)8BanksAsiaNo Review
DJapan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA)18ChemicalsAsiaNo Review
N/AAutomobile Business Association of Japan2AutomobilesAsiaNo Review
N/AJapan Pharmaceutical Association0HealthcareAsiaNo Review
AConsumers Japan11Consumer StaplesAsiaNo Review
N/ANational Federation of Dairy Co-operative Associations (Zenrakuren)0Consumer StaplesAsiaNo Review
N/ANational Federation of Fisheries Co-operative Associations (Zengyoren)1Consumer StaplesAsiaNo Review
N/AJapan Retailers Association (JRA)0RetailingAsiaNo Review
N/ANational General Contractors Association of Japan (Zenken)1IndustrialsAsiaNo Review
N/AJapan Federation of Printing Industries (JFPI)2Paper & Forest ProductsAsiaNo Review
N/ASeidanren3All SectorsAsiaNo Review
N/AJapan Natural Gas Association (JNGA)4EnergyAsiaNo Review
N/AJapan Department Stores Association1RetailingAsiaNo Review
D-Scheduled Airlines Association of Japan5TransportationAsiaNo Review
D+Japan Industrial Vehicles Association (JIVA)6AutomobilesAsiaNo Review
D-Japan LP Gas Association (JLPGA)5EnergyAsiaNo Review
N/AJapan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA)0HealthcareAsiaNo Review
D+Japan Foreign Trade Council (JFTC)14Business ServicesAsiaNo Review
D+Japanese Shipowners' Association (JSA)13TransportationAsiaNo Review
DJapan Paper Association (JPA)10Paper & Forest ProductsAsiaNo Review
D+Central Japan Economic Federation (CJEF)20All SectorsAsiaNo Review
E-Japan Coal Frontier Organization (JCOAL) (formerly Japan Coal Energy Center)10Metals & MiningAsiaNo Review
C-Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association (JEMA)16IndustrialsAsiaNo Review
D-Japan Cement Association (JCA)9Construction MaterialsAsiaNo Review
D+Indonesian Coal Mining Association (APBI)8Metals & MiningAsiaNo Review
C-Indian Steel Association9Metals & MiningAsiaNo Review
B+European Association for Electromobility (AVERE)37AutomobilesEUNo Review
D-European Livestock and Meat Trading Union (UECBV)12Food ProductsEuropeNo Review
CInternational Gas Union21EnergyEuropeNo Review
CGas Distributors for Sustainability (GD4S)24EnergyEuropeNo Review
B-AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD)20TransportationEuropeNo Review
C+Hydrogen Europe39EnergyEuropeNo Review
DEU Turbines6EnergyEuropeNo Review
DCOGEN Europe9EnergyEuropeNo Review
D-Nigerian Gas Association6EnergyAfricaNo Review
AAmerican Clean Power Association (formerly AWEA)50All SectorsNorth AmericaNo Review
C+American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI)21Metals & MiningNorth AmericaNo Review
N/AAmerican Wood Council2Paper & Forest ProductsNorth AmericaNo Review
EAmerican Exploration and Production Council (AXPC)17EnergyNorth AmericaNo Review
FAmerican Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)28All SectorsNorth AmericaNo Review
ASolar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)41All SectorsNorth AmericaNo Review
E-Business Council of New York State (BCNYS)12All SectorsNorth AmericaNo Review
CAerospace Industries Association (AIA)24TransportationNorth AmericaNo Review
C-Portland Cement Association (PCA)26Construction MaterialsNorth AmericaNo Review
C-Chemical and Allied Industries Association7ChemicalsSouth AfricaNo Review
C+Business Leadership South Africa10All SectorsSouth AfricaNo Review
N/APaper Manufacturers Association of South Africa0Paper & Forest ProductsAfricaNo Review
DEnergy Intensive Users Group of South Africa6EnergySouth AfricaNo Review
N/ASouth African Iron and Steel Institute2Metals & MiningSouth AfricaNo Review
CSouth African National Energy Association5EnergySouth AfricaNo Review
BNational Business Initiative16All SectorsSouth AfricaNo Review
B+South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA)23EnergySouth AfricaNo Review
N/AJapanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam4All SectorsAsiaNo Review
C+Vietnam Business Forum (VBF)10All SectorsAsiaNo Review
C-International Business Aviation Council (IBAC)15TransportationNorth AmericaNo Review
N/AJapan Medical Association (JMA)0HealthcareAsiaNo Review
E+Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA)17AutomobilesNorth AmericaNo Review
D+European Business Aviation Association25TransportationEUNo Review
E+Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry13All SectorsNorth AmericaNo Review
D+Bioenergy Europe5EnergyEuropeNo Review
N/AJapan Meat Market Wholesaler’s Association (JMMWA)0Consumer StaplesAsiaNo Review
D-Japan Petroleum Development Association(JPDA)12EnergyAsiaNo Review
D+China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (中国石油和化学工业联合会)12EnergyAsiaNo Review
N/ACement Manufacturers’ Association (CMA) India1Construction MaterialsAsiaNo Review
D+Instituto Brasileiro de Petróleo e Gás (IBP)12EnergySouth AmericaNo Review
CInternational Coordinating Council of Aerospace Industries Associations (ICCAIA)16TransportationNorth AmericaNo Review
A-Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER)40TransportationEuropeNo Review
D-Asociación Mexicana de Empresas de Hidrocarburos (AMEXHI)14EnergyNorth AmericaNo Review
FFlorida Chamber of Commerce9All SectorsNorth AmericaNo Review
CEuroCommerce11All SectorsEuropeNo Review
BElectric Vehicle Council25AutomobilesOceaniaNo Review
D+Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI)25AutomobilesOceaniaNo Review
DPathways Alliance18All SectorsNorth AmericaNo Review
C+Hydrogen Council10EnergyEuropeNo Review
E-Texas Association of Business14Business ServicesNorth AmericaNo Review
CPlasticsEurope7All SectorsEuropeNo Review
N/ACámara Minera de México (CAMIMEX)4Metals & MiningNorth AmericaNo Review
ECement Industry Federation14Construction MaterialsOceaniaNo Review
N/AAustralian Steel Institute4All SectorsOceaniaNo Review
FNational Federation of Independent Business26All SectorsNorth AmericaNo Review

Weekly Lobbying Updates

InfluenceMap updates its assessment of companies and industry associations on a weekly basis. Our weekly lobbying updates capture how these organizations are attempting to influence live climate-related policy debates in real-time.

The full list of lobbying updates can be accessed here, or by clicking on 'See All Updates' below. Please contact to sign up to receive these weekly alerts directly via e-mail.

European aviation industry associations support the EU SAF mandate

08 June 2023

In a June 8th press release, Airlines for Europe, Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe and Airports Council International Europe supported the EU’s sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) mandate. The press release asserted that decisions on the ReFuelEU aviation legislation should not be delayed further, and that the mandate should be “complemented with further incentives” through the inclusion of SAFs under the EU Net Zero Industry Act.

Industry associations advocate for new gas investments after G7 Summit

08 June 2023

On June 1, the American Petroleum Institute, US Chamber of Commerce, International Gas Union, and Asia Natural Gas and Energy Association (ANGEA) alongside other industry associations released a joint statement advocating for investments in fossil gas infrastructure. The statement, released at the conclusion of the G7 summit in Japan, claimed that fossil gas remains essential to global energy security and climate goals.

United Airlines supports a US carbon tax and carbon border adjustment mechanism

08 June 2023

In a May 24th Politico article, United Airlines CEO, Scott Kirby, appeared to advocate for a US carbon tax and carbon border adjustment mechanism, stating “its the right thing for the climate but is also good for the U.S. economy”. In the article, Kirby also appeared supportive of energy provisions under the Inflation Reduction Act.